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About US

We are leading private investment corporation with a history of consistent success in different financial markets. We foster an environment of innovation, entrepreneurship and a disciplined approach to risk and reward. We molded an all-around client-driven experience that focuses on the latest value adding market insights and customizing our broad range of investment opportunities to meet the diverse needs of high net worth and institutional clients. We provide high liquidity of financial transactions due to the wise use of well analysed investment strategies as well as diversification into highly profitable financial markets .

Investment Packages

We offer plans with different rates.
Our clients can increase their portfolio which translates to higher percent of profits.
Bigger portfolio - bigger profits

Basic Package

3%Daily for 6 days
  1. Minimum Invest : $100
  2. Maximum Invest : $4,999.99
  3. Total Earned : 18%

Silver Package

4%Daily for 8 days
  1. Minimum Invest : $5,000
  2. Maximum Invest : $9,999.99
  3. Total Earned : 32%

Gold Package

5%Daily for 10 days
  1. Minimum Invest : $10,000
  2. Maximum Invest : $19,999.99
  3. Total Earned : 50%

Platinum Package

5.5%Daily for 14 days
  1. Minimum Invest : $20,000
  2. Maximum Invest : $49,999.99
  3. Total Earned : 77%

Diamond Package

6%Daily for 20 days
  1. Minimum Invest : $50,000
  2. Maximum Invest : $99,999.99
  3. Total Earned : 120%

Premium Package

6.5%Daily for 30 days
  1. Minimum Invest : $100,000
  2. Maximum Invest : $Unlimited
  3. Avarage Monthly : 195%

Why choose us

Help agencies to define their new business objectives and then create professional software.

Referral program

To become an affiliate and earn extra, you don't even need to have your own active deposit. However, we remind you that the best evidence of successful investing is always a personal experience.

Secure investment

To be a leader means making safe decisions. We Generate profitable and adaptive Investment portfolios/strategies to help Investors build passive income streams and to achieve financial freedom through proper management and securement of our Investors Funds.

Registered company

We are registered UK professional investment corporation found in the year 2016 and certified to run a 10 years investment programme before renewal of contract

Instant withdrawal

investors capital and interest are paid instant, if for any reason the payment is pending it is processed in less than 2 hours.

SSL Secured

Our system is built on fast and highly secured servers located in Us and the UK. These servers have the best security architecture, SSL, DDoS

24/7 support

We boast of very standard customer care that can be found no where else on the globe. They are on desk 247 to respond to investors

How to start

With no hasttle or stress, our system is made easy for anyone to understand the processes.


Get access

Click the sign up button and fill the form right away to have an account opened for you. After you open your account, the next thing is to select a plan.



After opening your free account, the next thing is to select a plan that matches your budget, as well as your financial objectives. If you don't find a plan that suits your needs, just reach out to one of our available advisors, and they'll help you set up fast and easy.


Get Profit

All you have to do is request the payment account and make the deposit. As soon as your deposit is confirmed, your profit starts to count.

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We are transparent as we serve you with a world-class secured financial services.

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Our affiliate program

With your free auto-generated referal link, you can invite your family & friends to earn on every of their new deposits and you don't even need to have an active investments with us, earn 10% referral bonus when your downliner invests under (Basic, Silver & Gold Package) or earn as much as 15% when they invests under (Platinum, Diamond & Premium Package).

Our Loaning Programme

At Index Alliance LP, we ensure your loan gets into your account in 5 minutes as an active investor.
contact SUPPORT for more loan enquiries

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